About Sharp Mobile

We are a team of 20 talented application developers and designers, aiming to use the power of the mobile Internet to create a more convenient world. After years of research in the field of iOS, we are confident in how to provide users with good mobile applications.

Our Product

WiFi Connector™

WiFi Connector™ is an application helps us connect to WiFi and earn points automatically in the process of connecting.

Income Calculator™

Income Calculator is an application with basic calculations, scientific calculations, equation solving, BMI calculation and other functions to help you make money and be healthy.

Colorful Widget™

Colorful Widget offer various types of widgets, themes, icons, WeChat/QQ skins, wallpapers. Waiting for you to try.Device Panel, Quick Launch, Super Widget, Dynamic Widget, Countdown Day ...... One widget for all your needs. A new interactive form of desktop, making your desktop both practical and fun.

Our approach


We make the advanced and user-friendly mobile applications. We focus on user experience and explore user needs to help users reach their goals. At Sharp, user experience is always the number one priority.


Design doesn't just make things beautiful. Before we start designing, we must first understand who the users are. We serve our goals and answer the right questions. We are dedicated to helping users achieve their goals.


We have spent years building mobile applications on the iOS platform. Researching iOS applications for many years. Based on modern technology, we have conducted in-depth research on user needs and opened up new areas of application development.

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